Customer Spotlight: Jeannie

March 9th, 2018 by

In Jeannie’s own words:

“Horses were always my passion and had shown as a youth to the age of 53; there was a void in my fulfillment and that’s when I decided I was going to ride a Harley.

So at 55 (double nickels) I purchased my 1st bike, a Dyna Low Rider, took the course, and took off riding. In 9 months I traded in the Dyna for a Softail Deluxe and less than 2 years later I traded for a 2012 Street Glide; a beautiful Denim Black which I customized and love. I Love the Black bike so much and was racking up the miles quickly so I purchased a 2015 CVO Street Glide in Scorching Yellow for my pretty around town and day ride bike; well it’s been trippin’ too!!

I not only Love but adore road trips; I’ll go anywhere, well let me rephrase that! My Love: are the Rocky Mountain States; CANADA (Holy Smokes it’s Incredible!); give me mountains, clear water, blue skies, trees of all kinds and I’m Happy!!!

My favorite Dealership is Arrowhead Harley, they truly are my love and family from sales, service and the Rockstar Motor Clothes Girls; they do Rock!!!

My dream bike; honestly I have my dreams and they are fulfilling my Love to ride and the adventure that only a motorcyclist can experience. I can say I choose to be called a Rider and not a Biker; there is a difference and whatever path anyone wants to take makes no difference to me; it is about the Ride!!!

So, I’m sure you are asking how old is she?? I’m a happy half deaf, sorry vision, gaining weight 62 year old that refuses to act her age. My motto is ‘Peter Pan and Me!!’ ”

Lastly, here’s what Jeannie describes as her dream bike that she’d keep in her living room.

A special THANK YOU from your FAMILY at Arrowhead H-D for being a wonderful customer and friend.

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